Wayne Eventing Derby


PLEASE NOTE THE FOLLOWING CHANGE FROM LAST YEAR: All stalls include two (2) bags of shavings, maximum allowed by Fox Valley Saddle Association for daily stall fee which includes clean out after show.

No outside bedding may be used.  Additional bedding may be purchased on your entry formThere will be a $20 surcharge for extra bedding to offset additional clean out charges by FVSA.

All stabling at FVSA is available starting on Thursday afternoon, May 5.   Competitors can select their stalls, first come, first served. STALLS ARE NOT ASSIGNED.

Stalls are numbered and have an index card attached to them. Write your name, phone number and horse’s name on the card of the stall you select. MAKE NOTE OF THE STALL NUMBER(S). A GOOD WAY TO REMEMBER THE NUMBER IS TO TAKE A PICTURE OF IT. YOU WILL NEED THESE STALL NUMBERS WHEN YOU REGISTER AT THE SHOW OFFICE.