Wayne Eventing Derby

The 2019 Wayne Eventing Derby Entry Status as of 4/10/19*:

Rider Last Name Rider First Name Horse Div Additions
Ackley Jesse Ghost BN    
Allen Lily Cherry on Top N Move Up  
Allen Lily All Aboard BN R-A-T  
Badalamenti Francesca Zanzibar S R-A-T  
Barclay Sandra Bruiser N Move Up  
Barclay Sandra Cooley Camelot BN Move Up  
Bonamarte Madison Widucci Affair N Move Up  
Bowman Bonnie Steel Driven Dreams N R-A-T Move Up
Bowman Bonnie Tiger's Tip DWD    
Bradley Jaclyn Complete Chaos N R-A-T Move Up
Brooks Margaux Glitter S    
Capretta Kim Golden Opportunity BN    
Curby-Warner Kirby Midnight Borealis BN    
Dery Cynthia Reggie DWD    
Doan Shannon Hurrikhana N Move Up  
Doan Molly Johnny Football BN    
Doan Molly Northern Go P    
Dvorak Dorcas Stilts S Move Up  
Dvorak-Smith  Xena Mercurio BN R-A-T  
Ejnik Grace Maverick BN Move Up  
Endzel Nora A Dark Romance S    
Fettig Elizabeth Simply Serendipitous N    
Filkins Catherine Fernhill Enigma N R-A-T  
Fiorita Coco Scarlett II BN Move Up  
Fortunski Cassidy Covergirl T    
Frasz Paula Let's Roll N R-A-T  
Hamilton Lily Pippa N Move Up  
Jovanes  Olivia Tansalea BN Move Up  
Kabakchieva  Gabriella Count Cadence N    
Kaptur Annette Lexi Lane N R-A-T  
Kaye Julie Lights Over Vegas BN    
Kehoe Krista Lusk City BN R-A-T  
Kogen Taylor Color Me Crazy BN    
Komis Christine Loki S R-A-T  
Komis Christine Loki BN-CON    
Koniecko Edyta Red Alcazar S    
Kowalski  Ruth Ann Morning Echo N    
Linsenmeyer Lisa Legacy's Gamble BN    
Lloyd Reghan Glorius Eau Maan S R-A-T  
Loitfellner Erin Bora Bora Bound P R-A-T  
Maclean Krista Samson N R-A-T  
Mahloch Kelly Tall Drink of Water T    
McCann Aidan Peekaboo Street P R-A-T  
Meckl Madalene Tigger S    
Meddings Ava Dirty Mojito S    
Merrifield Sara Trotty Veck N    
Metelmann Mina Rainspout S R-A-T  
Metelmann Anya Tewksbury BN R-A-T  
Mikelenas Alexis Dancing In The  Dark BN R-A-T  
Moore Danielle An Obvious  Diva BN    
Mundall Thomas Jack S    
Neff Christine The Dancing  Leprech S R-A-T  
Norton Sara Bluegrass Jet S Move Up  
Pickl Barbara Cruella De Vil S R-A-T  
Poulos Mya Sir Duke N R-A-T  
Poulos Mya Guy's Elegant Miss T R-A-T  
Reinke-Cisler Christina Huey S R-A-T  
Reinke-Cisler Christina Eddy s R-A-T Move Up
Saari Jessica Gemma N R-A-T Move Up
Sack Jenna Fernhill Imperial Flight N R-A-T  
Schlough Christy Perfect recipe S R-A-T  
Schwed Patricia The Professor BN R-A-T  
Scroggins Jordan Maximus BN Move Up  
Smith Margo Shaken Not Stirred S R-A-T  
Sulik Jonathan Top of the Roc S    
Vanecek Casey Over and Out BN Move Up  
Vardakas-Styrna Denise The Witch Turned Me Red BN Move Up  
Volpentesta  Mia Hank N R-A-T  
VonFrankenberg  Made Mr. Segretto BN    
Wahl Mathea Copper BN R-A-T  
Walker Jessica Confession BN R-A-T  
Wetherbee Penney Regalo Oro BN R-A-T  
Wunderlich Cathrine Concatulations S R-A-T  
York Riley Powder Hound S    

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