Wayne Eventing Derby


Wayne Eventing Derby Rules


The Wayne Eventing Derby follows the USEF/USEA Rules and Regulations as guidelines.

Formal clothing and braiding is not required; however, dressing neatly is advised. Helmets, boots (tall boots or paddock boots with leather half chaps), breeches, and shirts with sleeves are required.

Ribbons will be presented from First to Sixth places in all divisions.  Prizes will be awarded from First to Third places.  The Derby Within A Derby will be awarded on Saturday.  All other divisions will be awarded on Sunday.  Any ribbons or prizes must be picked up at the show.  They will not be mailed or held. 

Having a good time is MANDATORY!!!

Riders must wear an approved helmet when mounted.

Horses must have their numbers visible any time they are outside of their stalls.

You may ride in the dressage or jumping warm up arenas.

Grand Prix Ring – Friday Jump Schooling/Ring Familiarization:
The Grand Prix Ring will be open for schooling on Friday from 10:00 am until 5:00 pm.  The ring will be monitored for safety.

Please limit your time in the Grand Prix ring to schooling.  All competitors need an opportunity to school.  If you have completed your schooling, we ask that you exit the ring and cool off in one of the warm up rings.

Should the Grand Prix ring be deemed by the ring steward(s) or show management as too crowded, riders who have been in the ring an extensive amount of time may be asked to exit so others may have an opportunity to school.

Only jumps that are flagged may be used for schooling (Red on right; White on Left).  Anyone moving flags, jumping a fence that is not flagged, or jumping in the wrong direction may be asked to leave the arena.

Dressage Test:
Dressage tests may be read.
Plain snaffle bit (or any USEF/USEA approved bit for dressage).
Blunt spurs (if worn).
Dressage whips of USEF/USEA approved length are allowed.

Jumping Tests:
5 penalties                First Refusal
10 penalties              Second Refusal
300 penalties            Third Refusal and elimination from phase
4 penalties                Knockdown
20 penalties              Fall of Rider; with EMT clearance, rider may remount and continue
300 penalties            Fall of Horse, elimination from phase
300 penalties            Opt out of one phase
1 penalty/second     Over Optimum Time
50 penalties              Finishing one (1) minute or more under Optimum Time

Special Awards:
These awards are sponsored.  Sign-up sheets will be in the Show Office.

Golden Oldies Award – Presented to the Horse/Rider combination with the age closest to 100 (i.e. Rider-50 y.o.; Horse-22 y.o. = 72 years total) with the best completion score.  Award is a special ribbon and cash prize.

Optimum Time – Presented to the Horse/Rider combination from any division that is closest to the Optimum Time (within their division).  Cash prize.

T.I.P (Thoroughbred Incentive Program) – Presented by The Jockey Club to the best placed, eligible Thoroughbred at the Beginner Novice, Novice and Training levels.  Champion ribbon and prize; Reserve Champion ribbon.

Move Up Challenge – Presented to the Horse/Rider combination who jumps the best second round on Sunday at the next highest level.  Move up rounds are judged on performance and style.  Cash award.

Riders entered for the Move Up Challenge will ride at the beginning of the next division.  For Example:  If you ride in the Beginner Novice Division and sign up for the Novice Move Up Challenge, you will ride your Novice course once it has been adjusted and before the Novice Division begins.